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“Renovation Advantage”

In response to today’s golf market where rounds are decreasing and cost of operations soaring, Harmony Links Golf offers a strategic business relationship enabling you to reposition your golf facility.  From design to construction to marketing services we’ll work with you as your consultative partner to improve on your current design, enable you to provide an improved set of greens, reduce your cost by hundreds of thousands annually while increasing revenues.

Good facilities are known for the quality of their greens.  With Harmony Links Commercial® Greens ability to receive shots just like your favorite course, where a putt rolls true every time, with speeds you control from 9-12 on the stimpmeter 365 days a year, it is time to take a hard look at the viability of converting your 9 or 18 hole facility to the industry-leading synthetic turf from Harmony Links Commercial Greens through the Harmony Links Golf “Renovation Advantage” enabling you to offer a next generation golf facility.

The Harmony Links Golf Team provides:

  1. Design by an award-winning, nationally recognized golf course architect and industry leader.
  2. Construction by a certified golf course builder.
  3. A comprehensive evaluation of your facility in a written report that clearly illustrates how your business can be turned into a more profitable venture.
  4.  Marketing expertise and services enabling you to increase your revenues using famous PGA Tour Professionals and teaching professionals such as:
    • Chris DiMarco, 3-time Tour winner, Ryder Cup and President’s Cup member
    • John Elliott Jr., Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and one of Golf Digest’s 50 Greatest Teachers
    to act as your spokesperson, host your tournaments and clinics, endorsing your new Harmony Links Commercial Greens golf facility on your website and collateral.

The “Renovation Advantage” is comprised of:

  1. Conversion of your greens to the industry leader in synthetic turf Harmony Links Commercial Greens with savings in excess of $100,000 annually.
  2. Reduction of maintenance equipment and staffing by 25% or more.
  3. How to become a more “green” facility by using millions of gallons of water less annually and the reduction of fertilizers, herbicides and other chemicals.
  4. How to better utilize your practice facility to attract and introduce more people to the game.
  5. Re-branding your golf course through a jointly developed marketing and promotion plan.
  6. Replica holes or custom holes based on the native topographies within a golf course’s layout.  In many cases the themes that comprise “The Design Series“ such as the Scottish Links Series and The Lake Series are able to be incorporated into the same golf course.  To see these themes and “The Design Series” on the Harmony Links Golf website click here.
  7. Convert your property into its best use.  An example of this could be redesign of your course into two 6-hole loops and convert the balance to residential or commercial use.  New holes will be custom designed with the addition of a few replica holes, only limited by the customer’s requirements and budget.

To understand what “The Renovation Advantage” can do for your facility or information on Harmony Links Golf, or “The Design Series,” contact Jeff Hartson or Terry LaGree at or


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  • PGA Merchandise Show: Orlando Convention Center, Friday, January 30th:
    • Private breakfast, Contact us for invitations
  • Golf Industry Show: New Orleans, February 5th – 7th,
    • Visit our booth with co-hosts XGrass / Harmony Links Commercial Greens
  • Golf Inc Spring Conference, St. Augustine, FL; March 30th – April 1st
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Golf Course Renovation
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