Golf Course Renovation
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Below you will find the “Playability Videos” which demonstrate the outstanding performance achieved utilizing the concepts of Harmony Links Golf and Harmony Links Commercial Greens. Harmony Links Golf, the leader in “Next Generation Golf courses and amenities,” utilizes synthetic turf from Harmony Links Commercial, in both “The Renovation Advantage” (for golf course renovation) and “The Design Series” (for new construction).

In these videos you will see demonstrations of how well:
Harmony Links Commercial greens and Harmony Links Golf courses receive shots. As Fulton Allem mentions after winning the $2,000 winner’s check at the DiMarco Pointe Shootout, “when you spin them, they stop, if you don’t, they release, it’s as honest as it gets.”
Watch the putts at the shootout. They don’t wander or “snake” like other synthetic turf greens do. They roll true every time! Just like your favorite course. There are several reasons for this:
- Harmony Links Commercial has 36% more fibers and a softer fiber
- Harmony Links Commercial’s proprietary RQS 2000 quartz infill
Watch shots from greenside pitches all the way to 3 iron from 200 yards over a lake coming into Harmony Links Commercial greens on the video shot at a Harmony Links Commercial Green owner’s home. Incredible!


John Elliott Jr.
John Elliott Jr. one of Golf Digest’s 50 Greatest Teacher's in America and Golf Digest’s Top 100 Instructors shares his thoughts about the Harmony Links Commercial system.

Next Generation Golf Course Presentations - click presenter's name to see their presentation
These 3 presentations were given at the PGA Merchandise Show breakfast in January ‘09. Watch the 3 PowerPoint presentations while the speakers present. We did this set of videos as a result of requests from so many people who weren’t able to attend the show this year.
Jeff Hartson - Founder, Harmony Links Golf, 25 year Silicon Valley sales and marketing executive Hear the genesis of Harmony Links Golf, an overview of the corporate offerings including “The Design Series” and “The Renovation Advantage,” and the benefits golf course owners and operators will receive by becoming a “Next Generation Golf Course.”
Terry LaGree Founder, Harmony Links Golf, 30 year golf course architect and certified golf course builder. Hear the salient details of “The Design Series” and “The Renovation Advantage” and why it makes perfect business sense to become a “Next Generation Golf Course” from an ROI perspective. This in-depth financial analysis is the first of its kind in the industry.


Golf Course Renovation
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