Golf Course Renovation

Harmony Links Golf combines innovative golf course design, construction, renovation, and with The Harmony Links Commercial System synthetic turf to deliver "Next Generation Golf Today." Its product offerings are:

- The Design Series, for new facility design and construction of next generation golf amenities in

  3, 6 and 9-hole loops or personal complexes.

- The Renovation Advantage, for existing golf course facility renovation and redesign.

Harmony Links Golf delivers solutions to problems that plague the industry such as taking less time to play golf  (3, 6, 9 hole loops), providing perfect greens every day (use of performance-leading synthetic turf based on the Harmony Links Commercial System), eliminating the use of water, herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers on greens and tees (Harmony Links Commercial System).  

Their offerings make golf course owners more profitable (lowered annual maintenance up to $150K/yr equating to $1.5M for the typical 10 yr lifecycle).

Jeff Hartson
is the owner of Harmony Pointe Greens, the distributor/installer of Harmony Links Commercial Greens in central and NE Florida. Jeff has been a sales and marketing executive, usually based out of Silicon Valley and for the last 20 years has been creating and closing company-changing transactions with industry-leading IT vendors. His vision of increasing real estate ROI through construction of a high-end personal golf complex led to the collaboration with Terry LaGree on Harmony Pointe, The Marsh Course, one of the most unique golf complexes in the Florida on the Gulf of Mexico.

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Terry LaGree has over twenty five years experience in golf operation, construction, management, marketing and sales. Terry is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Landscape Architecture and is a registered Landscape Architect in the State of Florida. His widely sought after talents are utilized on each and every job, working in conjunction with owners and designers a like. 

As Vice President of Barbaron Inc., Terry has designed some outstanding well known golf courses starting with Royal Oaks Golf Club in Ocala Florida (1997). The Short Course at Black Diamond Ranch in Lecanto Florida (1999),Diamond Player Club "Florida's Mountain Golf Course" Clermont Florida (1999) the spectacular Sky View Golf Course at Citrus Hills in Hernando Florida (2000), along with Pennbrooke Fairways in Leesburg Florida (2001). In 2005 and 2006 Terry designed the breathtaking Jack Frost National Golf Course at Big Boulder, in Blakeslee Pennsylvania. Other projects include: click for listing

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"Building great courses comes naturally for designer Terry LaGree" 








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Golf Course Renovation
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